Fibre, Felt and Needles

Know how to needle felt on fabric? Fabulous!! Select your supplies here.

1. We have fibre in 45 different colours.
2. We have 8″ x 12″ felt rectangles in 75 different colours.
3. We have needles in gauges 36 to 42 plus star point and twirls.
4. We have felting mats in many shapes and sizes.
5. We have all the Clover Needlecraft felting tools.


Want to try a little needle felting first? Wonderful! We have kits for small projects that you will love!!
1. Seasonal Ornaments and Accessories
2. Pins and brooches
3. Pin cushions
4. Monograms

Combine projects into
1. Wall Hangings
2. Cushions

Learn how to needle felt on fabric

Needle felting on fabric is very easy. Simply shape fibre on fabric with a felting needle and a felting pad. It’s that simple. Here’s a video to show you how easy it is.

Create with Confidence

Our 100% wool felt sheets and fibre rolls are dyed to international standards for purity, which makes them a popular choice for children’s toys.

Our kits contain all the tools and materials needed to complete the project, including felting mat, felting needle, felted fabric, fibre,  stencil(s) and, as needed, beads, beading needle, coloured thread, invisible thread, curly locks, fibrefill, aromatics, etc.

Our comprehensive instructions are suitable for beginners, as well as seasoned needle felters, providing both the basics to complete a project, and opportunities to add more advanced detail.


Start having fun now….

Choose some fabric and fibre, select a kit or two or simply download some instructions and unleash the artist within!!