Welcome to Felted Fibre……yes, we are a Canadian company, I have not misspelled fibre 🙂

In fact, I am a distributor of yarns, fibres and accessories to yarn stores across Canada and have been for more than 20 years.  It all began in 1995, when I was one of the first distributors to be licensed to distribute Foxfibre – organic, naturally coloured cotton yarn in Canada.

But I digress. Times change, products change, people change, but the “pull” of the needle, never changes. I, like many of you, knit, crochet, embroider, appliqué, etc. –  creative rhythms to keep the hands artistically involved. However, I had never encountered needle felting, until a store in northern BC. asked me to take over the distribution of an excellent felting fibre – Bhedawool and a very pure felted fabric – Truefelt, from a distributor that had closed.

This was something new – unspun fibre. I don’t spin, but I could see the fascination of using fibre, in fabulous colours, to create graphic “art.” On the other hand, felted fabric wasn’t really new to me. I have always said that I was a fabric “junkie” before I was a yarn “junkie.”

To embellish fabric with fibre would be like combining embroidery with applique´ without having to thread the needle 🙂 I was “hooked.”

However, being the showman (woman) that I am – did I mention that I taught drama for 15 years, I needed a stage for my productions – Enter feltedfibre.com. Come and create along with me. Share your work, muse about Art, or just ask questions with comments on my blog.